This seminar is designed for organizations that may be involved in spill operations and need to train their staff on specific aspects of protection and preparedness and gain a general perspective of the oil spills.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify spill scenarios
  • Describe spill behavior and fate
  • Outline legal requirements and response roles
  • Comprehend oil spill response methods and operational guidelines


  • Spill’s causes and fate
  • Legal framework and response organization
  • Oil spill response options: Advantages and limitations
  • Health and safety issues
  • Waste management procedures
  • Deployment and maintenance of available equipment

Special Programs

Fully Adjustable

This content outline is indicative only and might be tailored to the needs of the participants group and level of experience.

The standard length of the course is 4h.

There are no prerequisite requirements for this course.

Delegates will receive certificate of completion under ISO standards for the training services.