Picture 5_Courses_IMO OPRC Lvl0
OPRC Level 0 (ΙΜΟ equivalent Level 0)
Introductory Level

This introductory course is addressed to those who have no prior experience in the spill preparedness and response regime and may participate in an emergency oil spill response team...

OPRC Level 1 (ΙΜΟ equivalent Level 1)
First Responders

The course is designed for the operational staff who are responsible for pollution emergency response and they will deploy the available means in order to recover the spill at sea...

OPRC Level 2 (ΙΜΟ equivalent Level 2)
On-Scene Commanders

The seminar is designed for the staff responsible for coordinating on site actions, ensuring the safe and effective execution of oil spill response operations and acting as a link between the field...

Picture 8_Courses_IMO OPRC Lvl3
OPRC Level 3 (ΙΜΟ equivalent Level 3)
Senior Management

The course is addressed to senior management staff who will be involved in preparedness, policies and strategy related to marine oil spills. Participants will extend their knowledge of planning...

Picture 9_Courses_OSAw
Oil Spill Awareness Course

This seminar is designed for organizations that may be involved in spill operations and need to train their staff on specific aspects of protection and preparedness and gain a general perspective...

Picture 10_Courses_HNS
Marine HNS Response – Introductory level

This training course is aimed to provide a main perspective and guidelines on dealing with HNS (Hazardous and Noxious Substances) marine spills in a safe and effective manner.​

Spill Response for Shipping Industry

The seminar is addressed to crew members and shipping industry’s personnel with no prior experience to spill response management and operations looking for an introductory training to...

Picture 12_Courses_Hands-on
Hands-on Training

This practical training is designed for individuals who will be involved in the spill response operations and are interested in gaining a general awareness on the appropriate use of equipment or focusing...